My journey into motherhood was an eye-opening and profoundly moving experience. I was pregnant during the same time as many of my friends and it was astounding to see how wildly different our experiences with conception, pregnancy, birth and post-partum were. As I ventured out to play-dates and mom groups, I began to learn just how many mothers had been struggling through their perinatal experiences in silence. It was during this time that I knew once I returned to work, I would be offering a safe and therapeutic place for women to come share about their experiences and process some of their emotions and traumas related to their perinatal journey.


Of course we can’t forget about fathers. My partner always reminds me that fathers are struggling in silence as well and are often forgotten about during this time. I appreciated the reminder as I learned that 1-in-10 fathers also experiences post-partum depression. I recognized their need for a safe space to explore their own unique set of experiences and challenges and have opened up my practice for them as well.


I have officially joined the tribe of individuals, couples and families who want to raise a generation of children that are warm, genuine, kindhearted and resilient. But it is also hard at times to know how to respect these little people and their needs, while still respecting and taking care of our own. To know how to respond instead of react. To cultivate an attitude of curiosity rather than demand control. Parenthood doesn’t come with a manual and as a result, our journey into parenthood is often a beautifully humbling experience which stretches us in many ways that we never imagined possible. It is often different than we expected it would be and that is ok.


My hope is that you will reach out and connect with me to explore your experiences through conception, pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. In our work together, we will create a space where you can grow and find more joy and ease within yourself and these profoundly life-changing relationships.